Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Maria Isabel Esparza is a treasure in the weight management  community who is second to none in caring for and imparting information and guidance to her patients.

During my visits Dr. Esparza consistently demonstrates the gifts of caring with patience coupled with compassion. She is never one to beat her patients over the head or attempt to beat you into submission in doing or trying something her way but instead with compassion  and a gentle kindness she presents the facts with the desired goals for her patients to strive for then allowing her patient to have the final say or make the final decision on their chosen path of treatment.

Dr. Esparza is my greatest cheerleader in the fight against obesity. She never made me feel bad or embarrassed if I somehow fell off the anti-caloric wagon during a special occasion or celebration. She gently reminds me as her patient “we’re human and there can and will be slip-ups but let’s try to not let it happen again!”

In my estimation Dr. Esparza is a preeminent expert in the field of weight management, diet, and nutrition.”

Bruce K.

(October 2023)

“I found Dr. Esparza when I felt completely alone and misunderstood and it felt like it was meant to be. She’s more than a professional physician, she’s a person who truly makes a difference for her patients.

After seeing Dr. Esparza I felt like I wasn’t alone anymore, that she would be there every step of the way on my journey to make changes and improve my lifestyle. She’s always willing to listen and offer different strategies to improve her patients’ well-being.

Thank you Dr. Esparza for going beyond the doctor-patient relationship and becoming my ally in the fight against the standards established by society that prevent us from seeing what we’re truly capable of.”


Anay C.

(October 2023)

Tell us about your experience as a patient

“If you are looking for an amazing and caring doctor, look no more. She is just wonderful “

Patient in Dallas, TX.

(May 2023)

“Excellent care”

Patient in Dallas, TX.

(June 2023)

“Wonderful experience from the start to the end. Dr. Esparza listened and answered questions, explained everything well, was very friendly, and took her time.”


(June 2023)